Knix Fix: The Knix Wear Tubes

The Knix Fix features our favourite multitasking products that make every day a little easier. 

This week’s Knix Fix:  The Knix Wear Tubes

As you have probably noticed, we are all about multitasking here at Knix Wear. That’s why we’ve made all of our knickers highly functional and super fashionable. But wait, there’s more! Not only do they feature high performance fabrics and Fresh Fix TechnologyTM, they also come in these convenient reusable multitasking tubes.

Knix Holders

While we like to use them for obvious things like holding our pens, mascara, lipstick and makeup brushes (as seen in this photo), we’ve seen women all across the globe using them for so much more. Mamas everywhere love them for their ability to transform quickly into a play toy for their screaming toddler, or to help hold town helium balloons during a birthday party. Feel like you’re always playing “Where’s Waldo” with your hair clips and boby pins? The Knix tubes are perfect storage units for all things hair accessories and small, easily lose-able items. Other women have used them as carry-alls in their purses for change, tampons, lipstick, candy, snacks and more. We like to call them Super Tubes.

Check out our Pinterest Facebook or Instagram pages for pics of our super tubes in action! All the photos have been taken by our Knix Wear customers. Submit yours to @knixwear using the #supertubes hashtag.

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